Welcome to the Red Rock Indian Band home page.  We hope that you enjoy your visit.  We consider this as a means for sharing our views with the online community and give voice to the concerns amongst our membership.  We welcome your views, comments, suggestions, documentation or photographs for this site.  Drop us a line and please let us know if you are a band member.




We are located approximately ΒΌ mile from the junction of TransCanada Highways 11 & 17.  Red Rock Indian Band is 120 kms east of the city of Thunder Bay and 2 kms east of the Town of Nipigon.  Red Rock Band consists of two sections, Parmacheene Reserve 53 and Lake Helen

Reserve 53A.  The total area covered by these two reserves is 950 acres.   Red Rock Band is within the 1850 Robinson Superior Treaty area.




There is a total of 104 houses on Lake Helen Reserve, 9 privately owned, 11 Section 96 and 84 are band owned.  Houses are built annually and housing applications must be updated annually. Please contact the band office for a housing application.  Housing applications are accepted by fax, mail or drop off.

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