Most Canadian businesses do well regionally and nationally as they expand. On the other hand, competition has changed in the business world, making it easier to bump into problems that are related to how technology is being leveraged by competitors. It therefore makes business sense in many instances to partner with legal firms that focus on commercial litigation because they can help you to sidestep or move through obstacles that are impeding your growth.

Here are some of the types of problems that a commercial litigation law firm can help you develop strategy for:


There are a lot of different ways that your firm can be exposed to liability. One of the more prominent examples recently is the notion that many companies in urban areas have started using radar and directed sound as part of their security systems. In the United States, this has caused concern because there are entire business districts that have put sensors and speakers up that are connected via the Internet. Because people with tinnitus can be debilitated by such systems, a commercial litigation law firm can help you craft a legal strategy that allows you to protect your establishments without having to worry about any lawsuits.


You may remember the Sony Pictures attack of a couple of years ago. The company was overwhelmed by hackers bent on controlling the workflow and behavior of the employees over a period of a couple of weeks. The fact that the company paid over 150 million dollars (US) for security each year meant nothing. That type of attack has since been replicated by copycats and is one of the more popular ways to slow a company down in some communities on a much smaller scale. The Achilles heel for people involved in doing that type of 'attack a business' work is that they are vulnerable to commercial litigation. By working with a law firm that has experience enforcing security, it is possible to sue people that are involved and recover damages.

Intellectual Property

Since the Internet brought companies closer to the communities that they serve, protecting your intellectual property online and outside your company has been a large concern for business owners. Artists that post pictures online in their portfolios have been known to see their own original work showing up in other countries as work for hire. Trade secrets are being stolen by hackers so that they can be emulated. One of the most popular targets for thieves right now is getting access to a successful company's roadmap, or plan for the future. By stealing that, competitors can apply your strategy to beat you. In some cases, they can do this before you have even gotten to market. The CEO of a tech firm in San Francisco had his three-year roadmap stolen from his partner in Los Angeles. He said it was the most devastating experience his company has been through. A commercial litigation lawyer can help you put together a plan of action that allows you to react quickly to any type of threat, lowering the absolute cost to you as a company.

Commercial litigation is an area that most companies would like to avoid. On the other hand, if your rights or property is being impugned by someone else, it makes sense to have a plan that will allow you protect your company's sales or expansion. To learn more, please visit Elliot S. Birnboim for additional information, resources and references.